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Disruption  |  Differentiation  |  Straight-talking

If you're looking to explore new avenues and new opportunities for your business, then ping us

If you want to hear what the others are afraid to tell you, then ping us

Experience supersedes theory

 Got an MBA? Congratulations.

We haven't 

We have experience


What We Do


After a careful analysis of your sector and of your direct and indirect competitors, we will show you how to disrupt while retaining your DNA.

Contact us here to learn how we can help you 


We are you, only we're not from HQ.

If you feel you could benefit from an independent and expert pair of eyes and ears on the ground to make sure everything is running as you would expect, then this is where we come in.

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20 years selling to the world's most discerning clients from royalty to heads of state has taught us a thing or two which we think could benefit you. 

Contact us here to discuss your coaching requirements and for more information on our dedicated UHNWI programme


We visit and contact your business anonymously and provide an illuminatingly detailed report on the real-time real-life reception and experience your clients are receiving right now.

No punches pulled.

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Reach out to discuss what we can do for you.

Give us a try. We're unshockable.


Silent partner, noisy partner, hands-on, hands-off...?


We have a wide network of both private and institutional investors looking to help brands grow.

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"Luxury is in each detail"

Hubert de Givenchy


What Makes Us Different

Experience supersedes theory.


Our background is sales. Our foundation is service. Our experience is international.


The world has changed - Instagram is not even 10 years old and already has over 1 billion users. What worked then does not work now and that applies more than ever to the luxury and UHNW sectors which are historically more conservative and less open to change.

The future lies in disruption and differentiation and that's what we do best.


With over 20 years spent in London, Paris and Hong Kong working in private sales, business development and brand management roles for the luxury industry's most prestigious maisons, such as Cartier, Harry Winston, Piaget and Bonhams, our Founder has unrivalled first-hand expertise of the most discerning international clientele including royalty, global celebrities and private UHNWIs. 

They are not satisfied with the current market offering.

We've been walking the talk for over 20 years.

This direct experience is the foundation of 55° East.

Where We Do It

Wherever your phone is


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